Kawaks, The BEST arcade game emulator for Capcom and NeoGeo games. When it released, the emulation enthusiast prefers Kawaks. Thank you guys!

First, obviously, you need to have the roms for the game you’re trying to run. Do not ask me where you can find them.

Romsets have to be zipped. The zip has to have the correct name (have a look at the load box, it shows the zip name next to the game title)

Make sure your zips are in a place where Kawaks knows they are. Set up your rom paths with the item in the Files menu

If you’re trying to play NeoGeo games, you need NEOGEO.ZIP, with NG-LO.ROM, NEO-GEO.ROM and NG-SFIX.ROM

You have to make sure your roms match the ones used by Kawaks
-Try and make an Audit (tools menu) to know what’s wrong
-Clean up your romsets with
RomCenter (http://www.romcenter.com)
or ClrMAMEPro (http://www.mameworld.net/clrmame)
The dat files these programs need can be generated by Kawaks (tools menu)
Name errors don’t matter much, but the CRC errors do matter.

If you’re using old neorage roms (names like N2105465.078) you may need to convert them with Redump (it’s available on my homepage)

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