Set of rules concerning this site

No one likes rules and regulations. There are people who exist only to break the rules. However, if we try to build the community based on knowledge we have to follow the rules so as not to fall into the chaos.

  1. Follow the netiquette. Not only here, but everywhere in the net.
  2. If we ask questions we do it only in the smart way.

That would be all if comes to site rules.


From the technical point of view, all materials added to Superbly Space belong to site owner and its users. If you share some materials from Superbly Space it would be nice to provide a source. Admins and moderators work on correctness, lack of mistakes and safety of the site and its users. Each inappropriate content may be reported and each report will be taken under consideration by moderators. As the site has many links to the other sources we are not taking the responsibility for them.

Q&A is the place where we ask the reasonable questions that make sense, please check the question in the browser before asking. There is possibility that someone already ask the question and there is quite good answer for it. All links you would like to add should be legal and has its quality.

Administration and website owner does not take any responsibility for the content on external sites. Some of the links can be referral links from partner systems. Links of this type bring different kinds of profits the owner of the page.

Superbly Space is a group of non-profit organizations, to ensure the continuity of the service and to develop the site must sometimes to advertise something.

If you are the owner of added site to the directory and you would like to manage entry then please register and let us know. We will assign the entry to your user. You will be able then to edit description and all information.

The Internet is huge and very dirty. Let’s try to make our community not to spoil, but on the contrary to ease searching the valuable information.

If you want to share some ideas, report the problem, or just write, please use the contact form.