A Chrome extension that gives users control of the web and more secure browsing while emphasizing simplicity and intuitiveness.

Great alternative to NoScript.

whitelisting/blacklisting functionality and granular control
automatic auto-syncing of settings AND whitelist/blacklists across your devices (via Google Sync)
actually speeds up browsing because it removes a lot of unwanted content
remove SCRIPT, OBJECT, EMBED, IFRAME, FRAME, APPLET, AUDIO, VIDEO, NOSCRIPT, and IMG elements, as well as webbugs
block unwanted content (MVPS HOSTS, hpHOSTS (ad / tracking servers only), Peter Lowe’s HOSTS Project, and are integrated!)
block click-through referrer data
spoof referrer/user-agent data
block unwanted cookies
“intuitive” icon that changes based on whether or not a page is whitelisted/blacklisted/bypassed
shows number of blocked/removed items in toolbar
shows blocked/allowed items in tab details popup (along with item type)
bulk import domains into whitelist and blacklist
option to temporarily allow a page/temporarily allow all blocked items
choose the default mode (Block All or Allow All)
option to preserve same-domain elements
option to disable automatic refresh of pages after whitelisting/blacklisting/temp. bypassing a page
protect against WebRTC leaks
support for IPv6 addresses
protection against browser fingerprinting attempts

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