Advertisement system

Superbly Space uses advertising system A-ADS. If you are interested in advertising on the page add it directly on Superbly Space by click on this link. Entering the link you will be transferred to statistics page where you can decide whether you want to add the advertisement to the basket or not. When you decide to add the advertisement create your own commercial by creator, choose display parameters and pay the campaign with Bitcoins. Additionally, every advertising space that you will find has its own button so it is possible to add the ad in specific place. When you highlight the A-ADS logo (top right corner) you will see menu like above.


Help us survive

We try to minimize the pushiness of ads so as not to interrupt you. Nobody likes ads! However, they let the free project to survive. If you using AdBlock or uBlock add the exception for Superbly Space so our ads won’t be blocked and would generate the profits.

Maybe, in the future, other possibilities for advertising will show up. For now that is all!

Thanks for your support!