Superbly Space is the place for gathering people with common interest to IT. No matter if you are a specialist, passionate, or just started learning. If you keen to learn and want to share your knowledge this is the right place for you. Any fights, or arguing doesn’t matter, here only knowledge counts. Computing is too vast to know everything. That is why this place has been created, to share experience and information among the people from different specializations.

Despite the fact that there is a lot of information and similar pages like this I am sure that there is demand on such page and will be. We try to manage the information and to find those more important and relevant. The entire thing is maintained in order and fluently moderated. Without redundant comments, abusive words and discrimination. Questions, answers, guidelines, links and programmes. The most precious pages on network.

Online chaos

It is hard to find yourself among the Internet world full of traps, malware’s and links to garbage information. Maybe in the near future Superbly Space will be the one and only where you can find something valuable. Where to start in the specific category and to move in the right trajectory.

You have the great impact how this site will look like and what you will find here. Check the site if you like it go sign up and start to make it. Share your views, comment, help others and give something from you. Me and others willingly check the interesting material you share. Share the experience to broaden your mind so the people searching some answers could find them without any problems and use to build the better future.


There is no long boring regulations. Ok there are some, but not very long and boring at all. Just keep the rules. Share just real knowledge. Do not cheat. Write only when you have something relevant to the topic. Be patient and understanding. You have right for your own opinion. Show proof for any of your theories, or comments. In case of lack of acceptation of your comment, or link check if it’s not doubled or considered as unappropriated. If you have gone too far rewrite your comment and add it once again. Please remember that not quantity, but quality counts. None of us like to search thousands of pages looking for a this one particular comment.