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IT questions and answers. Difficult issue and unsolved problems, system, not working program, or code error? It is not a problem for our community. Register, ask the questions, share your wisdom. Q&A it is not just the place for beginners, but also for professionals and for the people keen to learn and teach others. IT is extremely vast so it is hard to be the best in everything. Be the best on your specialization and share your knowledge with others. When you are going to need some advice other people will help you. Check if there is no answer for your question.


Directory of best links divided into 5 main categories. Each category has many sub-category topics. Everyone should find something interesting for themselves.

Services Review

It is nothing else like service catalogue. Everyone who is looking for good VPN, hosting, VPS cloud, or place for website? Service Review is the place. Set of services, their rating, comments and opinions. If you are an owner of the good service add it to the catalogue. If you are the user rate the service and help the other find the best solutions. Do not be afraid of good critics, it helps improve the quality. Every opinion is the valuable info for everyone.

Valuable Sites

Everyone has their own favourites sites. Why don’t we share those coolest one with others? In the Valuable Sites you will find the set of the greatest ones. There is already such catalogue? Why don’t you add it here? If there’s not let it be the one! The best of the best. Do not be sad if your link won’t be accepted, give a chance to your site, work on it and come back later on! Please remember that not quantity, but quality counts.

Best Software

Searching the net we find enormous amount of good quality software. From the simple ones to those more complicated. From malwares to those life changing. To help you make the better choice we created Software Directory. Add and rate. Search and comment.

Awesome Scripts

Any kind of Awesome Scripts. PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. Complete solutions for your site. Scripts to run a blog, forum or online store. If you are looking for a solution based on programming you will definitely find it here.

Onion Directory

Protect your privacy. Defend yourself against network surveillance and traffic analysis. Onion Directory contains links to hidden services websites on Tor network. To browse .onion Deep Web links, install Tor Browser.

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